Photo by Kaitlin Grant

DisArt Presents Voices at Tanglefoot
Saturday, Sept 28 & Sunday, Sept 29

DisArt and its collaborators present Voices, a multimedia exhibition that immerses visitors in personal stories of alienation and belonging as told by members of the Disabled community in Michigan.

The impact of the exhibition Voices is connected to its ability to offer narratives of disability that are rarely heard. The stories of powerful self advocates are the heartbeat of this immersive exhibition and act as an invitation to those who are on their own journey of self-discovery about what it means to be a Disabled.

The exhibition begins in the interior of the Tanglefoot building and continues outside onto Critical Infrastructure, which is an accessible amphitheater created by Paul Amenta and Ted Lott in collaboration with DisArt.

The “voices” of the Disabled community will be presented in both audio and captioning formats and serve as the core of the exhibition. Additionally, DisArt partnered with local artists to create art in response to the individual and collective stories. Photographs will be on display for the duration of the exhibition, whereas, stage performances will only take place at designated times on both Saturday and Sunday.

While visiting the exhibition you are invited to record your own story during a personal interview with a DisArt volunteer. Visitors will be encouraged to share their reactions to the exhibition as well as personal experiences of alienation and belonging. Interviews will take place in a large sound studio located inside the Tanglefoot building. Sign up for your interview at the DisArt Welcome Table.

The event is free and all (regardless of disability status, cultural background, race, ethnicity, age, gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, religion, ….) are encouraged to attend and record their story.

Visual Artists

  • Elise Kutt
  • Hwa-Jeen Na
  • Kaitlin Grant

Grand Rapids Ballet: solo performances

  • Gretchen Steimle
  • Isaac Aoki
  • Matt Wenckowski
  • Nigel Tau

Mini Nifty: Piano

  • Lizzie Dunn
  • Tyler Zahnke

Ritsu Katsumata: Electric Violin

Production Support

  • Little Space Studio
  • KBOgroup

Saturday, Sept 28

NOON-9 PM: Exhibition

Performance Schedule:
3-3:30 PM: Ritsu Katsumata
4-4:15 PM: Grand Rapids Ballet
5-5:30 PM: Mini Nifty
6-7 PM: Collective Performance

  • Grand Rapids Ballet
  • Mini Nifty
  • Ritsu Katsumata

8-9 PM: Collective Performance

  • Grand Rapids Ballet
  • Mini Nifty
  • Ritsu Katsumata

Sunday, Sept 29

NOON-4 PM: Exhibition

Performance Schedule:
3-4 PM: Collective Performance

  • Grand Rapids Ballet
  • Mini Nifty
  • Ritsu Katsumata

Special Stage Events

*If you have questions about accessibility or would like to request an accommodation in order to fully participate in this event, please contact our team at Note: 72 hours may be required to provide specific services such as ASL interpretations.