Project 1: Crossed Lines

Project 1 is the first in a series of multi-sited public art exhibitions in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Produced by ArtPrize, Project 1 consists of five artists commissioned to create sculptures, installations, performances, urban interventions and community-oriented projects.

Artists are invited to explore the theme of “Crossed Lines” — how lines are drawn, literally and figuratively, to demarcate public and private space, and how boundaries inform our movement and sense of belonging. This theme reflects the complex conditions of Grand Rapids, a place with a rich legacy of public art defining and enhancing civic space, yet still confronted with difficult questions about access and boundaries, both visible and invisible.

The artists in Project 1: Crossed Lines have been selected because of the way they create more than objects, using public art to question and alter spaces, both physical and social. The way people move through a city—the ways in which people feel as if they do or do not belong—are the result of design decisions as well as policy decisions. In asking artists to temporarily alter public spaces, and create new ones, Project 1: Crossed Lines seeks to follow these artists into an embodied exploration of how and for who the city is made. What can artists—with their ability to manipulate form, experience and social engagement—teach us about what it means to belong?