Paul Amenta &
Ted Lott

Radio Station (Miami Folly II) by
Paul Amenta + Ted Lott. Photo: Paul Amenta

Amenta and Lott, known for their history of wide-ranging collaborative artistic productions with SiTE:LAB, will present Critical Infrastructure — a site-specific architectural intervention at the landmark Tanglefoot Building, a fly paper factory that now holds artist studios. In collaboration with DisArt, an arts and culture organization that focuses on creating public art events that cultivate and communicate a disabled culture, the intervention will create an environment that addresses issues of accessibility in both form and function. The project will reimagine the site by temporarily transforming a private space into a fully accessible public space, through a series of ramps and landings which welcome visitors and a wide variety of performances and interventions by other artists. Throughout Project 1, it will serve as an armature, facilitating dynamic programming and community engagement.

The performances, views, opinions and positions expressed by participants of this artwork are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions of ArtPrize, its partners or funders.

Paul Amenta and Ted Lott with Christopher Smit and
Jill Vyn, Co-Founders/Co-Directors of DisArt
Rendering for Critical Infrastructure
Image courtesy of the artists


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  • Tanglefoot Site
  • Radio Station (Miami Folly II) by
    Amenta + Lott. Photo: Paul Amenta
  • Empty lot with two brick buildings on either side of the grass.
    Tanglefoot Site

All photos courtesy of SiTE:LAB.